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Part of our fleet of equipment includes a 100MT modular spooler. Capable of an effective back tension of up to 10MT and an effective line pull of up to 5MT, our team successfully laid 2000m of 83mm steel wire rope into the sea bed for our valued client.


65MT of quality 83mm EEIPS 6 strand steel wire rope heading off to our valued client. Fitted with a certified socket installed by our qualified installers, entire set up comes with a COC from Goforth.


An odd combination of a mechanical spliced turnback eye with a solid cast thimble, couple with an open spelter socket with bolt and nut. 4 matched lengths going of to a valued client who is changing out an 8 year old pendant wire rope on their piling barge


DNVGL-ST-E271 2.7-1 Type Approved Wire Rope slings sets going out to our valued client. Fitted with Crosby A347 masterlink assemblies and Crosby G2130OC shackles, the sling sets come with their own Certificate of Offshore Container Lifting Set ready to use with fully traceable documentation.


Mechanically spliced turnback eyes with aluminium ferrules. Full compliance with EN13414 requirements, delivered with Certificate of Conformity.


We love testing weird and wonderful stuff for our valued client. Test load of up to 330MT for these structures in our 1000MT test bed


From the supply of rigging, testing, spread bar rental, certification and weighing, we are proud to be part of this project for a valued client of ours. Photo courtesy of the load out transporters


Our 10MT crucifix steel cylindrical foam filled mooring buoys going out on rent with swivel forerunners to our valued client. Complete with certification, we have a fully certified rental fleet from mooring buoys, rigging, spreader bars, winches, spoolers and load cells available from stock.