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We keep in stock, foam filled, steel cylindrical crucifix buoys. Load and pressure tested, the buoys are then MPI’d before it is foam filled. The final process is the blasting to SA 2.5 and painted with 3 layers of epoxy paint for corrosion resistance and protection. Our buoys are available with Class certification if required.

With net buoyancy ranging from 5MT to 12MT, these buoys can be used as part of single buoy mooring set ups when paired to anchor swivels, pennant wires and a delta flipper anchor, mark the location of your anchors for retrieval (yes, you can pull directly on them without having to remove the buoy) and/or to keep anchor lines away from existing pipelines on the sea bed when coupled with our wire rope clamps.

We are able to produce straight through marker, anchor wire buoys as well if you have a requirement for them

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