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A key service that Goforth provides is our load testing services. We are able to conduct inhouse load tests of up to 1000MT for your lifting gears such as wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, connectors, plate clamps, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, links, masterlinks, sockets, and many more. In addition to it we can do a destructive test from 10kg onwards up to 1000MT. Onsite load testing capability are available for structures, frames, spreader bars, skids and etc from 10kg onwards up to 2000MT without the need of massive counter weights and mammoth cranes.

For crane load tests, we have telemetry load cells, water bags and spreader bars and frames to conduct this.

Our testing laboratory is accreditted to ISO 17025:2017

We also have mobile test bench and rigs that we can mobilise to your site pending your test requirements.

  • Proof Load Test
  • Destructive / Break Load Test
  • Pad eye tests
  • Load Test
  • Crane Load Test
  • Drop test
  • Gangway Load Test
  • Bolster Bag Load Test
  • Water Bag Load Test