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We provide onsite services that cover the following scope of work:


For wire rope change outs, we are able to remove / install wire ropes for anchor winches, tow and work wire rope winches, crane wire ropes to name a few.

Our wire rope spooling machines and reel stands are able to accept almost all sizes of standard steel reels. Back tension is available to ensure that the wire rope is installed correctly.

Our trained personnel are certified socket installers by the manufacturer. Socket installations can be certified with compliance certificates post installations should all conditions comply in accordance to the standards.


EMAG wire rope inspection is done with equipment that allows the wire rope to pass through. This inspection will detect flaws in the wire rope from the surface to the core. This is now an accepted wire rope inspection method under ISO 4309:2017. Our equipment covers wire rope diameters up to 76mm.

Our team are BOSIET and HUET certified for offshore mobilization and work.

Please check with us for your requirements.